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EAP 85: Fitness Is Not a Game: How to Play the Hand You Were Dealt

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Krystal Taylor

Krystal Taylor is a personal trainer and certified fitness and nutritional coach. She considers herself a “late bloomer” when it comes to fitness and nutrition, deciding to make a lifestyle change after having her second child because she was not content with how she felt. In 2014, she entered a fitness competition which really solidified her life choices and set her up in the eyes of those around her as a subject matter expert.

She started providing nutritional plans and workouts to anyone who asked her for her help, and she really started to comprehend that this could become a career for her when her husband convinced her to start charging for these plans and shifting her acquaintances and friends to be her clients. She overcame her insecurities about her insufficiency and became a certified fitness and nutritional specialist so that she would have the research and science to back up her theories about fitness.

Krystal encourages everyone to first shift your mindset about what you think “meal planning” and “working out” should look like. Meal planning doesn’t have to be several hours spent in the kitchen to completely prepare all of your meals for the week, but rather it consists of assembling some pre-portioned snacks for quick access, coming up with a weekly menu, and prepping some ingredients ahead of time to make the actual dinner cooking process faster and easier. Working out should really just be considered “moving your body” according to Krystal, who advocates for everyone to be active for 30 minutes every day, either all at once or spaced out throughout the day. Something as simple as walking a few minutes before work, during breaks, and after dinner could make a huge difference in the way you feel in your body.

Like many others in the fitness space, Krystal encourages people to set goals that do not revolve primarily around losing a certain amount of weight but rather around inches lost or self-esteem gained. To find out more about Krystal’s programs, including her Fit, Fine, and Fabulous app, visit her website for more information.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Fitness is not a game
  • Mindset shifts about nutrition
  • Reframing a “workout”
  • Fitness is not about the scale

Connect with Krystal:

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