EAP 62: Shante’ Haymore-Kearney- Sisterhoood + Self-Care

On this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast, our guest is Shanté Haymore-Kearney, founder of the Brown Goddess Collective, focused on empowerment and wellness for women of all shades of brown. Shante’s yoga journey began in 2009 when she was doing some rehab work following an ACL injury. Initially, she was not a fan, especially of hot yoga, but before long she observed the strong community focus and benefits of doing yoga with other people.

During this turning point in her journey with yoga, she was also adjusting from a move from Chicago to Miami and changing careers, so these factors really made this a turning point in Shante’s life. She soon met her teacher who opened her eyes to some of the spiritual and mindfulness aspects of yoga and she found herself training to become a yoga instructor as well. 

Shanté is passionate about helping other people experience the mind-body connection that yoga facilitates, and she has seen the impacts that these simple tools have had on brown goddesses and the community at large. Providing a multi-sensory experience through her Brown Goddess Magic gatherings allows participants to open up to each other and see their true selves, perhaps for the first time. People might find themselves sharing something that they have never told anyone before because they feel so comfortable with themselves and in the space Shante creates, which is very healthy.

In addition to being active on social media, Shanté hosts monthly gatherings and other events, is working on a website, and is planning some exciting retreats – so follow her to stay updated and join her community!

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Thriving in community
  • #tearsonmymat
  • Movement, health, and wellness

About Shanté:

Shanté Haymore-Kearney is a champion for personal empowerment and wellness of the mind, body, and soul. In 2011, she became certified as a RYT-200 through 305 Yoga & Outreach and since then, she has guided and taught hundreds of people to connect with their inner peace and personal power through movement and meditation. Shante believes there is a spark inside of everyone that was meant to be lit and set ablaze. Shante’ launched Brown Goddess Collective (BGC), a wellness brand for women all shades of brown to connect communities of brown and black women who practice or are interested in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. BGC intends to give women of color access to wellness, through workshops, online trainings, domestic and international retreats, and more! Shante is an experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher, a helping professional in the Miami non-profit space with Kristi House Child Advocacy Center, and is a Connection Coalition Facilitator In-Training for 2019. She also runs Inner Inspiration as the Chief Mindfulness Officer teaching “tools for mindful living” through private classes, workshops, and retreats to help people maneuver the challenges and successes of life. Shante’ keeps her life balanced by spending time outside doing family things with her husband and 3 year-old son, Evan.

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