EAP 61: Belinda Jackson – Picture It Possible: Visual Mapping for Goal Clarity

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Belinda Jackson

Belinda Jackson, visual strategist and founder of Picture It Possible, joins us on this episode of the Early Accountability podcast. Belinda always had a passion for art and doodled her way to many creative solutions in her own life before realizing that those skills could be paired with her experience in organizational strategy and teaching to help others. She started Picture It Possible in 2017, after establishing how her skills could solve her clients’ problems with systematic planning and change management.

Belinda’s clients typically come to her when they are at a decision point regarding their product/service or their career. Struggling to decipher the way they should go, they often find themselves delaying their decisions or taking steps in the dark, but Belinda is able to come in and help. In her experience, people tend to lose sight of their end goals in the moment of struggling with a decision, but Belinda helps them put the dynamics they are considering down on paper in a way that brings them clarity they previously didn’t have. These vision maps identify imbalances and discrepancies between where they are and where they want to go, and by highlighting the accelerants and deterrents to their successful progress, Belinda’s artistic infographics provide the needed push towards execution.

In a more general sense, visual mapping is often a turning point for the client because they have received so much clarity during the process. Belinda often encourages clients to create vision boards for themselves that showcase photos or quotes that they want to embody in their own lives. Taking a step back from the daily grind to evaluate where they are personally reinforces their vision casting or perhaps encourages them to shift their vision to better motivate them. 

Belinda offers a Plan Your Possible course on her website as well as complimentary consultation for anyone wondering if Belinda’s services could help them or their organization. 

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Visual strategy
  • Systematic planning
  • Organizational strategy
  • Clarifying your goals and vision

About Belinda

Belinda is a doodling strategist and organizational planner with extensive knowledge of instructional design and teaching. She believes that pictures are a powerful tool for creating positive change. For the past 20 years, she has held progressive team, project management and intrapreneurial leadership roles in the education sector. As Chief Possibility Ignitor at Picture it Possible she uses visual strategy, powerful questions, engaging processes and collaborative planning tools to propel partnerships, teams, and individuals from vision to meaningful impact.

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