EAP 56: Are You Truly Ready to Change Your Behaviors & Bad Habits?

The topic of this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast is readiness to change, and Kimi outlines the 5 phases in the transtheoretical model or process of change. This change could pertain to your personal or professional life, likely involves something you want to stop or start doing, and is a necessary step in achieving your goals.

The 5 phases in the change process are:
1. Pre-contemplation – This is a fancy way of saying that you are not ready for change: you do not see the need, benefits, or the problem that would require change. Even if people around you are telling you that you need to change, you aren’t even considering it.
2. Contemplation – During this phase, you are thinking about the change and processing how it would look in your life. You may ask yourself the questions: “What happens if I do change?” and “What happens if I don’t change?”
3. Preparation – This phase is characterized by the intention to take action in the near future, meaning that you have a timeline, an action plan, and an organizational system in place.
4. Action – Finally, you are implementing the change, actualizing the change that you have thought about and prepared for. 
5. Maintenance – The final step in the change process is maintaining sustained action without losing momentum. If you begin to lose some of your fire or slip into a relapse of your previous behaviors, pick yourself back up and refocus on your goals, then consistently act on them.

After hearing this episode, as yourself these questions:
• Where am I in the process of change?
• How can I apply this awareness to my situation?

Topics Covered in this Episode:
• Readiness to change
• The 5 phases of the change process
• How to handle relapses
• Being self-aware and focused on your goals

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