EAP 55: How to Bounce Back From Failed New Year’s Resolutions

During this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast, Kimi is checking in with listeners to see how their resolutions and goals are going this year. She provides some vital perspective and tips for getting back on track if things haven’t been working out as you wanted them to. In fact, US News reports that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the second week of February, so it is likely that one or more of your resolutions have made you part of this statistic.

Here are Kimi’s tips for bouncing back if things have not gone as planned:

1. Get grounded – Take a beat to reflect on what has happened recently and practice mindfulness before trying to move forward.

2. Don’t dwell on what is going wrong – Once you have learned from the past, move on from it. You can’t change anything that has already happened, but you can decide what to do next.

3. Look at your “why” – Evaluate your motivations for setting and working towards your goals. Are those goals in alignment with you and your passions? Is this the right goal but the wrong time? Is this the right time but the wrong goal? It is ok to change your mind and reframe your goal, and it is also ok to start your goals during a different time of year.

4. Make adjustments so you can succeed – If you are being prevented from reaching your goals because of a lack of time or resources, change your system to take advantage of productivity hacks and time maximization.

5. Lean in on your support system – Hopefully, you have people in all areas of your life who are holding you accountable. Reach out to them to talk about your struggles and ask them to help you get where you want to go.

6. Look at the long-term – Don’t let yourself get tied up and overwhelmed with the small details leading up to your goal right now. In this moment of renewed focus and determination, pay attention to the end goal.

Topics Covered in this Episode:
• New Year’s Resolutions
• Goal setting and adjustments
• Being true to yourself in goal-setting
• Mindfulness and reflection
• Why resolutions and goals fail

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