EAP 54: The Best of the Best: Favorite Guest Clips From the Past Year

Celebration Episode Part 2 with Kimi Walker

On Part 2 of the 1-year celebration of the Early Accountability Podcast, Kimi shares clips from episodes that were particularly impactful to Kimi or her listeners. If you missed any of these guests when they came on the podcast, be sure to go back and listen to glean all of their shared knowledge and experiences! We’ve included time stamps in these show notes for your reference.

1:19 – The first group of impactful podcast guests is “Resolutions 2 Results”: people who specialize in planning, executing, and limiting distractions to help them achieve their goals.

• 2:19 – Jenna Faye talked with us about manifesting your dreams, gaining the clarity you need, and taking inspired action.
• 3:09 – Amiyrah Martin shared about using time blocking as a way of planning to succeed. 
• 4:44 – Meico Whitlock described using mindfulness to limit distractions and cut down on technology consumption. 
• 6:01 – Amber Cabral guided listeners through her process of execution in her tasks and goals.

6:48 – The second set of guests have overcome life’s setbacks, trauma, and grief, and they are using their experiences to encourage others.

• 7:27 – Robin Clark demonstrated the power of forgiveness when she publicly forgave the person who raped her, and she has lived her best life ever since.
• 9:15 – Vanessa Lemaistre lived through childhood abuse and then lost her young son unexpectedly, but she has overcome her circumstances and chooses to be positive and believe in herself. 
• 11:09 – Zana Williams lost her father right before she started law school, and she continues to work hard in his memory. 
• 14:42 – Maya Tyler tragically became a widow at a young age, and now she is intentionally empowering herself and others to be who they want to be.
• 17:01 – Kina Fields has gone through depression, anxiety, and addictions along her path to find meaning, and she has found healing and hope through art. She uses her story to remind us that we never know what someone else is going through, and it is best to be empathetic and caring at all times.

22:14 – The third set of podcast guests use their platforms to advocate for justice and inclusivity, making Kimi think of them as the “Social Impact with Swag” group.

• 22:56 – India Rias Thompson started a blog with her wife to destigmatize the black LGBT community and combat discrimination. 
• 25:52 – LaDeia Joyce is HIV positive, but she chooses not to be negative about life. Instead, she encourages everyone to know their status and break down the misconceptions they may have about HIV.

28:02 – One guest has stuck with Kimi as having the “Most Transformative Lifestyle Change” by overcoming his circumstances and using his experience to help others rise above as well.

• 28:52 – Justice Wali grew up in the South Side of Chicago and ended up being involved with a gang before he found a way out of his situation and learned the power of shifting your mindset. He now coaches others, including at-risk youth, about the power of their minds and their potential in spite of their circumstances.

33:08 – And finally, Kimi shares her favorite clip of the podcast so far.

• Kina Fields, on the topic of how to handle a relapse in your behavior, gave us this gem: “Be kind to yourself.”

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