EAP 53: 1 Year Anniversary Special (Part 1)- Lessons Learned In a Year of Podcasting

Kimi’s biggest initial barrier to overcome was being comfortable with being more visible and being confident in her idea. She found that her niche was interviewing guests on the show and showcasing their stories, which meant that she had to go outside of her comfort zone to pursue guests. She did experience some rejections, but she did not let that stop her from consistently producing content and staying focused on her mission.

Kimi also emphasizes the importance of surrounding herself with a team of people who specialize in the different talent areas needed to create and produce the podcast, reaching the goal Kimi set out. It took courage for Kimi to accept help initially and to let people in to her passion project, but this vulnerability and trust has led to something bigger than Kimi could have accomplished on her own.

Finally, Kimi has learned to not be afraid to let her light shine and her gifts show. By accepting compliments and criticisms graciously, Kimi has grown through this process, and she looks forward to the future of the podcast.

Topics Covered in this Episode:
• Reflection on Year One of the Early Accountability Podcast
• Importance of surrounding yourself with a team
• Benefits of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone
• Being confident in your gifts
• Asking for help along the way

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