EAP 47: Reisha Moxley – Performance + Mindset Hacks for High Achievers

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Reisha Moxley

On this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast, our guest is Dr. Reisha Moxley, a licensed psychologist and performance coach and mindset mentor for high achievers. These individuals are typically rarely satisfied, always working towards the next goal, and can be very hard on themselves. Reisha helps high achievers to reflect on how far they have come and perhaps find the roots of the emotional underpinnings that may be causing anxiety-related failures, which should really be viewed as opportunities to get to know themselves better and practice grace. Failure can look differently to different people, but is usually related to fear, anxiety, or incompletion. Reisha encourages those individuals to listen to the pattern they find themselves in and begin to process it by journaling or talking to someone they trust in order to face the issue with authenticity and move forward. Reisha believes that self care is a revolutionary act and she urges others to take care of themselves first.

About Dr. Reisha:

Dr. Reisha Moxley is a licensed psychologist and professional counselor. She has over a decade of experience in the mental health field and works with high achievers who desire to reach their full potential personally and professionally.

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