EAP 46: Jenna Faye – Rewriting Your Story + Manifesting Your Dreams

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Jenna Faye

On this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast, we are joined by Jenna Faye Handel, founder of the Sacred She Sisterhood and online business coach to female entrepreneurs. Jenna started out her professional life doing everything she felt she “should do” but this led her into a career that was not fulfilling to her because she felt that she was not able to help people as much as she would like. She began taking supplemental courses in the areas of nutrition and coaching to help her transition from her corporate job into entrepreneurship. She and her fiancé are currently “digital nomads”, traveling full-time and spending a few weeks in each place before moving on.

Jenna talks about “rewriting your money story”, which means taking an honest look at where you currently stand financially and choosing to change your relationship with it. Involved in this relationship could be challenging conversations with clients about sales or increasing your rates, but this does not have to be awkward or feel shady as long as you are authentically connecting your fee to the value provided to the client, rather than what you think you “deserve.” Jenna says that in order to manifest your dreams, you just need to be clear about what you want and then take inspired action with intent to get there.

About Jenna:

Jenna Faye is a transformational online business coach and strategist for conscious female entrepreneurs. With her Soul Meets Strategy methods and trainings she helps her clients to scale their business in an aligned way to create more impact and income without the burnout or overwhelm. She’s the founder of the Sacred SHE Sisterhood community, brand and movement. Jenna is a full time digital nomad who travels the globe with her fiance while they run their businesses.

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