EAP 45: Essence Revealed – Revealing Your Essence + Becoming Your Most Authentic Self

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Essence Revealed

Our guest on this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast is Essence Revealed, a performer, former stripper, former teacher, former real estate agent, and author. Essence has taken all of the lessons she has learned about herself and about life and has written a book and accompanying course to help other women win in their own lives. She had to get over the things that were holding her back in her performing career and she is still working through issues with depression with her therapist. She believes that we are worthy just because we are here on earth. We should take that to heart and be confident, always speaking to ourselves positively and truthfully. One of her most beneficial daily practices is not reaching for her phone as soon as she wakes up, but rather taking that time to focus on herself and prepare for the day.

About Essence

Essence Revealed is first generation Bajan, born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her BFA at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and MA at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education. Her writing on sexuality, burlesque and womanhood has been featured in $pread Magazine, Corset Magazine, Burlesque Bible and 21st Century Burlesque as well as the anthologies Proes & Lore and Johns, Marks, Tricks & Chicken Hawks. She is the reigning Queen of Classic Burlesque Milan Extraordinaire 2016, won the Judge’s Choice Award “Making Burlesque Matter Again” at Alternatease, and was named “Social Justice Burlesquer” at the Silver Tusk Awards.  

When not on stage, Essence is committed to teaching women to proudly embrace their personal sense of confidence via consistency & completion through her writing, panel discussions, online group coaching course or workshops at colleges such as New York University, University of Colorado, Carleton College, Amherst College and Sarah Lawrence University. You can bring Essence to your city, school and/or organization at theessencerevealed.com/contact

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