EAP 44: Christina MacMullen – Dating with an Edge

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Christina MacMullen

On this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast, our guest is Christina MacMullen, a blogger, writer, and entrepreneur. After a series of failed relationships and bad breakups, Christina set out to write a book about dating advice for women over 30, and her first step in the process was to start a blog. She wants to use her experiences to help guide other women through their relationships and getting back on the dating scene. Christina encourages women to get out of bad relationships as soon as they know it is going to end poorly, and to get back out there and start meeting more men once they are ready.

For those who already expected to be married but find themselves very single, Christina recommends “dating yourself” by practicing self-care and intentionally scheduling dates to go to a nice restaurant or to a movie as a treat. Come to appreciate yourself rather than focus on the frustration of not being in a relationship, and be ok by yourself. There are many other women and men in your same situation, so do not be discouraged.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Writing from experience on your blog
  • What it means to “date yourself”
  • Building community and not being afraid to get back onto the dating scene

About Christina

Christina MacMullen is a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur and lives in downtown Indianapolis, IN. She enjoys margaritas, craft beer and is a loyal customer of Uber. Christina is single, enjoys working out and is 43 years old. She is the founder of EdgeDate, a website that gives dating advice for women over 30 years old.

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