EAP 40: Kimberly Williams – Unapologetically Living a Purposeful Life

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Kim Williams on the Early Accountability Podcast.

On this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast, we are joined by Kimberly Williams, an entrepreneur and network marketer through Beauty Counter. Kim was in the midst of a career in the corporate world when she found out that her mother was battling an auto-immune disorder. This gave her a new outlook on her life, making her realize that she wanted to be doing something that mattered to her, such as providing safer beauty products to her clients, since there are almost no regulations for the ingredients used in the beauty industry, and some products have been proven to have harmful effects. Her corporate experience in sales and marketing prepared her for the digital communications and personal selling that she currently does at Beauty Counter, and it has provided her family with the flexibility to become closer together and more financially stable. At first, Kim was working her full-time corporate job and doing Beauty Counter on the side, but when she built up a client base, she and her husband decided that they were financially prepared for her to pursue Beauty Counter full-time. She followed her heart and then created a specific plan for making the transition, reaching out to others who had made similar transitions along the way. Kim’s father always told her that “anything worth having is worth working for”, and this is a mantra that she still lives by every day.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • How to know when it is time to take the leap to make your side hustle full-time
  • Pursuing your passion daily
  • Staying true to your convictions and believing that it will pay off

About Kim

Kimberly (Kim) Michelle Williams earned her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and went on to earn her MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. With more than a decade of Corporate experience, from large companies such as Abbott Laboratories and The Coca-Cola Company, Kim took the leap from executive corporate leadership to entrepreneurship earlier this year.

From executive to entrepreneur, Kim mentors, trains and empowers an organization of more than 15 powerhouse women as they collectively build, scale and run businesses as independent consultants through Beautycounter’s platform. Founded 5 years ago by Gregg Renfrew, Beautycounter’s sole mission is to put safe products into the hands of everyone. With more than 25,000 consultants nationwide, Kim is committed to not only moving this mission forward but has been relentless in educating Women of Color to help reshape a $200+ billion industry that lacks transparency. Women love to look and feel beautiful. Consequently, Kim advocates for legislative change because “Beauty should be good for you.”

As a wife, mother of three, and fitness fanatic, Kim’s work as a Director with Beautycounter is personal. She’s done sitting back while companies manufacture products with harmful ingredients that are clinically proven to be linked to cancer, autoimmune illnesses, infertility and developmental issues in children. Kim hopes to inspire women around the world to not just challenge the status quo but to be ruthless and unapologetic in the pursuit of living a financially rewarding and purposeful life. Be counter to the status quo…

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