EAP 39: Latoya Franks – Creating a ‘Work From Anywhere’ Lifestyle

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Latoya Franks on the Early Accountability Podcast.

LaToya Franks of Avid Innovative Solutions LLC joined us for this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast to talk about her journey to a flexible and fulfilling work life that would allow her to homeschool her daughter. LaToya has experience in call centers, government tax revenue, and security sales, and in all of these professions, she felt stuck in a rigid daily routine just to make ends meet and barely get to spend any time with her daughter. She knew that she needed a change, so she reached out to as many resources as she could to find a flexible way to work from home and homeschool, striking the perfect balance of family time and bringing in income. LaToya has secured contractors from many companies, including some Fortune 500 companies, to remotely handle their customer service calls and has begun signing contractors to assist with the customer service calls that come in. LaToya has finally found the non-traditional work environment that she was looking for by determining what she really wanted for her life, intentionally choosing to have a healthy mind, and developing a sense of peace with her environment.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Making your job fit into your life, rather than the other way around
  • Overcoming obstacles with courage
  • Finding your best job fit

About Latoya

Latoya Franks is the CEO of Avid Innovative Solutions LLC, a virtual call center geared towards helping people connect with prominent work from home customer service contracting opportunities with flexible scheduling. This idea started from a need to gain control over her time and be able to homeschool her daughter. She is passionate about assisting people who are desiring an alternative schedule to the 9-5 work schedule. Before starting this business, Latoya spent several years in brick n mortar call centers, insurance sales and government tax revenue. She obtained her B.A. in Management Accounting from a local college in her hometown of Wisconsin. She then pursued a Master’s from an online college. During tax season, she is a Tax Agent offering customers tax solutions. Latoya enjoys mini adventures, reading informational/self-help books, music and spending time with her daughter.

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