EAP 34: Lakrisha Davis – Finding Meaning + Making Money – Creating the Career You Want

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Lakrisha Davis

Lakrisha Davis, a career coach, speaker, and success mentor, is our guest on this episode of the Early Accountability podcast. Coming from a Human Resources and Recruiting background, Lakrisha is strategically equipped to help the job seeker and entrepreneur align their true passion to their desire and need to make money. Lakrisha has always been told that she has a gift in the areas of motivating, challenging, encouraging, and mentoring others, and she has found a way to monetize these gifts. She wants to help others find their niche as well.

By taking advantage of networking on and off of LinkedIn, she has found great success in meeting the right people, curating opportunities, and making and receiving referrals and references. She encourages job seekers and entrepreneurs to join the conversation in whatever online or offline community appeals to them and assists them in reaching their goals by consistently talking about your passion and sharing your struggles as well as your successes. It may not seem like anyone is listening to you, but your impact can truly not be measured, and as long as you are reaching one person with your posts, it is worth it. We all depend on each other for inspiration and support.

Lakrisha has a wealth of resources on her website (below) and is, herself, a great resource in the areas of resume and cover letter writing, career coaching, and business coaching.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Monetizing your gifts and talents
  • Pursuing your passion
  • The benefits of networking on or offline

About Lakrisha

I’m Lakrisha – a Career Coach, Success Mentor, Speaker Today, I help ambitious women all over the world navigate the corporate landscape to create the life and career they’ve always dreamed of. But back then, I was working in HR, recruiting, and compliance supporting Fortune 500 clients like Fiat Chrysler (FCA US), Ford Motor Company, RR Donnelley & Sons, Groupon, Deere & Company, Sears Holding Co., Mercedes-Benz, Discover Card Services, Bank of America, and Allstate. From obtaining an MBA in Human Resources Management; to getting a bird’s eye view into the hiring climate; to leveraging the strategies and philosophies acquired through my corporate career; and networking and connecting with successful women – I’ve mentored and coached hundreds of professionals out of unfulfilling jobs and into the careers they love.

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