EAP 32: Debraca Russell – Moving Past Layoffs and Claiming Your Dream Career

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Debraca Russell

On this episode of the Early Accountability podcast, our guest is Debraca Russell of the Agape Career Counseling Group. Drawing upon her experiences in retail management going through the interviewing and hiring process, Debraca coaches her clients through resume creation, job searches, and the interview process. Whether you think you know what career you want to pursue or not, she recommends that everyone take a personality assessment that will help align your personality traits to the potential careers in which you could have the most success. You should be happy at work, not continually unfulfilled or uncomfortable. If you are looking to change careers or pursue a promotion, be sure that you find out what the hiring managers are looking for and work hard to genuinely portray those attributes.

When it comes to resumes, Debraca’s crucial advice is to be consistent, be honest, and be grammatically correct.  If you did not complete your degree or certification, do not list it on your resume. Additionally, if you are to have unexpected gaps in employment, finding places in your community to volunteer will help keep you mentally sharp and your resume satisfactory. Keep on pursuing your dream career until you are able to make it a reality!

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The most common resume mistakes
  • How to set yourself up for a promotion or a new career
  • Making yourself a desirable candidate
  • Determining what career may be right for you

About Debraca:

A native Floridian, Debraca Russell is the Founder and Principal Writer at Agape Career Counseling Group. She is a certified professional Career Coach with PARW/CC.

Growing up as a Bahamian decent, Debraca embraced the mentality of “It takes a village to raise a child”, enabling life’s influences to shape her into a coaching powerhouse. After 15  years of management working for three different Fortune 500 companies, Debraca realized her true calling was to be a servant leader. As a servant leader, Debraca rediscovered her passion for helping people that would lead to a career as a coach that ended her days of hard work. Traveling internationally and working domestically in various environments, Debraca has excelled in the areas of interviewing and salary negotiations

As a graduate of Tallahassee Community College (Associate of Arts concentration in retail), Florida State University (Bachelors in Science Textile Science and Merchandising concentration in Business Administration) and Saint Leo University (Master of Business Administration concentration in Human Resource) Debraca has an extensive knowledge of the travel, department store and big box retailer industry that enables her to coach her clients through a myriad of interview levels and types. 

As a career coach, Debraca consistently uses motivational interviewing to coach her clients into careers they never imagined such as management, human resource, IT, medical fields, customer service, sales, and project management. Debraca facilitates weekly coaching calls and classes that include mock interviews, cover letters, resume writing, social media coaching for her clients. 

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