EAP 30: Anitra Durand Allen – Loving + Raising High Achieving Children

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Anitra Durand Allen

On this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast, we are joined by Anitra Durand Allen, a family and relationships coach and a parenting and lifestyle content creator. A gifted child herself in the areas of academics, athletics, and performing arts, Anitra recognized the need for content aimed at the parents of high-achieving children when she struggled to find it. Anitra came from an engineering and project management background in corporate America, and when she realized the benefit that these skills could be when applied to her household, she decided to use her newfound affinity for the online community to transfer her knowledge to other families seeking advice on life with gifted children.

Oftentimes, high-achieving children are very advanced in capacity and intellect, but they need some guidance to develop socially and emotionally. By meeting them where they are and following a process that will help them understand and cultivate their behavior, families can communicate with love and effectiveness.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • How to develop the interests of your high-achieving child
  • How you can transfer your skills from work to home
  • Being loved in a safe space
  • Parenting and lifestyle content creation

About Anitra

Anitra Durand Allen is a certified family and relationship coach who provides success tools for moms raising high achieving children in the areas of athletics, academics and performing arts. A certified project management professional, she walked away from corporate America when the pull between being fully committed to her career and fully committed to her family became too great. Now, as a parenting and lifestyle content creator, she teaches parents how to create success in their own homes with the skills they learn on the job.

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