EAP 26: Devonta White – Perfecting Your Digital Marketing + Visual Strategy


Our guest on this episode of the Early Accountability Podcast is Devonta White, a digital and visual marketing strategist who manages the digital presence for the Tone House in New York City. To maintain the Tone House social media accounts every day, Devonta plans and creates the designs and graphics, takes photos, and coordinates with the various coaches to ensure that he is promoting them and their classes sufficiently.

Devonta identifies the most common mistakes that people make when building a brand:

  • Not thinking through content before posting
  • Being inconsistent
  • Posting poor quality photos

Devonta’s advice for being an effective brand manager:

  • Find a photographer or videographer who is trying to build their portfolio and will provide you with professional photos and videos in exchange for the publicity
  • Use natural light in your photos
  • Hire someone (maybe on Fiverr) to create a logo for you
  • Look into a social media management tool such as Later
  • Stick to your passion

Topics Covered on this Episode:

  • Digital and visual marketing strategy
  • Daily social media management tasks
  • Mistakes people make when building their brand
  • How to increase engagement on social media posts

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