EAP 25: Justice Wali – Ex Gang Member Evolves Into an Urban Life Coach – Refusing To Become a Victim of Circumstances

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Justice Wali

On this episode of the Early Accountability podcast, we are joined by Justice J. Wali, an urban motivator and life coach. Growing up an only child in the South side of Chicago, Justice was easily influenced by the gang and drug cultures around him, even becoming a gang member before changing his ways. He began spending considerable time with his grandmother at home and at church, which he believes saved him from making more negative life decisions.

In 2005, he moved to Minnesota, where he found opportunities and possibilities that had not been available to him in Chicago. He decided to use the underutilized skills of listening and finding solutions in the context of urban living to encourage and coach others who find themselves in negative situations like he grew up in. He is now the father to 3 intelligent sons, who follow examples over advice, and in 2015, he began public speaking engagements to share his acquired wisdom.

Justice’s advice to others considering public speaking is to believe that your voice is important and you have a story to tell. Most local libraries will allow you to hold an event for free, and this is a great way to practice your speaking skills. You can be successful at whatever you want to become if you commit your mind to it and set aside an hour every day to brainstorm ideas or solutions.

About Justice Wali:

Justice J. Wali was born & raised as an only child on the Southside of Chicago. He survived the poverty-stricken community, infected with gangs and drugs. His mother Janice & Grandmother, Dollie Davis protected him from the negative influences surrounding him. When Justice’s grandmother passed away, Justice migrated to Minnesota. Soon after, he became a father of 3 intelligent sons. Through his life experiences and outreach, Justice demonstrated the importance of life by being a positive black man in America! Not only by imagery but through the transformation of his pain & experiences, Justice emerged as The Urban Life Coach & Motivational Speaker.

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