EAP 23: Renotta Burke – Quitting Your Job & Owning Your Signature

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Renotta Burke

Our guest on this episode of the Early Accountability podcast is Renotta Burke, owner of Renotta Burke Signatures event planning and design company. Unhappy with her job at the time, Renotta decided to quit at the end of 2011 and use her life savings to purchase the linens that would be used by her events company. Now several years into this endeavor, Renotta and her team have found great success and fulfillment through planning and designing weddings and other events for their clients in Georgia and beyond. Renotta recently embraced the art of delegation and prioritizing her areas of strength in the company, recognizing that other members of her team are better at various other aspects, and they have found great synergy in this work structure.

Renotta highly recommends that people use an event planner if they are even remotely considering it. Having an event planner handle your event takes away the stress of having to handle every detail on your own and allows you to actually enjoy the final product. She recommends that you know your budget from the beginning and be reasonable with your vision for the event based on your budget in addition to providing the event planner with a vision board of what you are looking for. Once you have had all of the necessary discussions with your event planner, trust them and the vendors that they hire to do their jobs – they want your event to be a success as much as you do!

Topics Covered on This Episode:

  • Having the courage to pursue your dreams
  • Learning how to delegate and manage time
  • Prioritizing areas of strength in your work

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renottaburkesignatures @ gmail . com

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