EAP 21: Maurice Wilson -Invest in Your Wealth & Financial Wellness

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Maurice Wilson

On this episode of the Early Accountability podcast, our guest is Maurice Wilson of Wilson Wealth (http://wilsonwealth.com/), which specializes in investment management and a little bit of financial planning. During his education, Maurice’s goal was to learn something that other people didn’t know, which led him down the path of engineering. He started working at Daimler-Chrysler after college and realized that investment management was really where he wanted to be, so he started taking steps to get there.

To the individual looking to invest, Maurice recommends starting with contributing the maximum percentage that their employer will match into their retirement and then putting in the maximum amount allowed into their Roth IRA as well. If the individual still has funds they want to invest – such as a tax refund – the stock market is the best place for long-term returns. If you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck without the ability to save or invest at all, Maurice’s advice is to find a creative way to increase your income to make it happen.

Maurice’s advice to entrepreneurs is to make sure upfront that they have sufficient resources to cover living expenses independently from the business, so that all business profits can be invested back into the business for growth and improvements. Realize that it will take more than a few months to really get started, so securing the capital or angel investor needed should be a top priority.

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Tips for personal investments
  • Advice to entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs
  • It is never too late to start investing
  • Are investments more practical than building up savings

About Maurice:

Maurice Wilson attended Benedict College for 2 years balancing his time between pursuing a dual degree in physics and engineering, running track, and serving his community as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

After transferring to Tennessee State University and graduating, he began his engineering career at Chrysler Automotive in Detroit, MI. During this time he earned a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, but it was at Chrysler where he began to get a real education.

Maurice soon knew that engineering wasn’t for him, but it wasn’t until he began investing in Chrysler’s 401(k) plan that Maurice found his true calling – financial planning and investment management – discovering that through financial planning he could apply the problem-solving methodologies he learned in engineering.

Following this revelation, Maurice began to immerse himself in the stock market – becoming a CNBC addict and reading 3 to 4 financial publications a day. In 2002, he moved back to the South for an opportunity with Delta Air Lines which brought him into contact with his first mentor in the world of financial planning.

His mentor advised him that he would never achieve financial freedom working for someone else, so he left Delta to pursue his passion. Today, as founder and senior advisor, he operates Wilson Wealth applying many of the principles he learned in engineering. He believes that: Every client represents an open-ended problem that can be solved in an infinite number of ways.

The challenge lies in finding the optimum solution.

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