EAP 20: James Luter – Unlocking Your Purpose + Tackling Your Goals

Kimi Walker welcomes guest James Luter

Our guest on this episode of the Early Accountability podcast is James Luter, a Navy veteran, military spouse and father, and life coach. James takes his clients through a three-step process focused on personal development during their coaching sessions with him: (1) unlocking their purpose, (2) developing personal goals, and (3) setting up accountability measures to help them reach their goals.

During his 18 years of coaching, James has found that when people are not living in their purpose, they are often frustrated and discontent with their personal or professional lives. Discovering that what you are doing is not a good fit is actually a great place to be, even though it would be easy to feel discouraged by any wasted time or energy invested. James helps his clients through the process of mapping out their exit strategy based on their personal goals and reasonable timelines, which provides very tangible steps for the individual to take as they develop a clear vision of their future. He emphasizes the importance of being confident in yourself and your goals and not being influenced by societal norms or expectations, even those of your close friends and family members. While they have good intentions, their ideas for your life may only lead you to another situation that is not a good fit for you. You know best what will be fulfilling for you, so it is critical to be single-mindedly focused on the steps to get there.

About James:

James is a Certified Life Coach, Military Spouse, and Navy Veteran that lives by the motto “Better is Possible.”  He founded Devoted Life Coaching, LLC to pursue his passion of helping others to achieve higher levels of success in life and business.

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