EAP 19: Sharice Bradford – Adjusting Your Strategy During Life’s Setbacks

On this episode of the Early Accountability podcast, we are joined by Dr. Sharice Bradford, a life coach with a background in pastoral care/counseling and healthcare administration. She also edits and contributes to Life Coach Network magazine and maintains a lifestyle blog (https://thissinglesole.org/).

Dr. Sharice has a passion for helping people, and coaching provides flexibility in methods and scheduling that traditional counseling often does not. Dr. Sharice shares that the most important thing to keep in mind as you are maneuvering through the different aspects of your life is where you want to end up, and then you will be able to figure out the best route to reach that goal – short-term or long-term. None of us can see the birds-eye view of our route to our goal, so we must give ourselves grace and space when we encounter bumps in the road or unexpected setbacks. The key to staying on course (even when the course is different or more difficult than we expected) is to adjust your strategy and continue to make progress after encountering a hurdle.

Beginning – and continuing – with the end in mind will help you weather the storms when they come. You have already survived 100% of your worst days in your life so far, and those experiences have only made you stronger.

About Dr. Sharice Bradford

Sharice Bradford is a hard-working professional, blogger and life strategist. Her life strategist work is focused on helping others to recover, rediscover and redefine their lives. Sharice is a multifaceted woman who works to educate, inspire and motivate others. She is an educator at heart, a mentor, consultant and coach.

Not only does Sharice have a Master’s of Divinity degree from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University, she has a Certificate in Health Policy and Administration from the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and her Ed.D in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University. She is also a Certified Global Life Coach and the creative visionary behind several brands.

Sharice was born and raised in Chicago, Il where she currently resides. Sharice has a background in Healthcare Administration. Sharice is also a writer and editor and has contributed to various online publications.

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