EAP 16: Robin Clark – From Rape Survivor to Entrepreneur

Kimi Walker welcomes guest Robin Clark.

Kimi Walker’s guest on this episode of the Early Accountability podcast is Robin Clark, an overcomer of life circumstances who has found belonging and purpose as an aesthetician. During Robin’s freshman year of college, she was the victim of sexual assault.  She transferred to a different school closer to home, but eventually moved back home before completing her schooling because she needed to properly cope with and process what had happened to her.  She found great satisfaction and achievement in teaching herself yoga, which connected her mental and physical body in a way that allowed her to compartmentalize her trauma and give her an outlet to express her feelings.

Robin also participated in counseling and with groups of other assault survivors, where she felt validation and affirmation in the emotions that she had been feeling, and through talking with other survivors and by publicly telling her story, she has been able to forgive her abuser and find a way forward in her life.  She now finds immense purpose and excitement as she serves her aesthetic clients, allowing them to feel better about themselves and their appearance.  Robin encourages anyone who might have been a victim of sexual assault to find the help you need and not be ashamed of what happened to you; things will get better if you just keep pressing on.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Robin’s journey of processing her sexual assault
  • Healthy ways that Robin has found to heal
  • Pursuing a career that aligns with your passion

Robin’s Bio:

Robin Clark is a licensed esthetician from Jacksonville, FL. As a survivor of sexual assault (2006), Robin has used yoga, skincare, and makeup as catalysts during her healing journey. She is a newly blossoming entrepreneur who strives to help others feel better about themselves by promoting inner and outer self-care.

Connect with Robin:

Business Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nieceybbeauty

Business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nieceybbeauty-1906668402944392/

Business Twitter: https://twitter.com/NieceyBBeauty

Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_serenityredd

Personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/_SerenityRedd

Full Transcript

Welcome to the ‘Early Accountability Podcast’ hosted by Kimi Walker. Kimi has a track record of serving as a behavior change and improvement catalyst for individuals, groups, and organizations. Get ready to make the best version of yourself a priority. Now welcome Kimi Walker.

Kimi:   Kimi Walker here and welcome to the next episode of the ‘Early Accountability Podcast’. On the ‘Early Accountability Podcast’, we are equipping individuals and organizations with tools to help them move forward with their personal or professional goals. Especially in the early stages of a new endeavor, a new program, or a new personal dilemma. Today on the show, I am very lucky to have Robin Clark. Hi Robin.

Robin: hello

Kimi:   And Robin has a very empowering story of how she has overcome a lot of transgressions in her life and move forward today to being an entrepreneur. So Robin, I would love for you to just kind of introduce yourself to the audience. Tell a little bit about you, and kind of tell how where you’re at today, and how you’re kind of empowering others too with the work that you do.

Robin: Okay, my name is Robin Clark. I’m from [inaudible] [01:19]. I am a esthetician/makeup artist. I got into anestheticsback in 2016. It’s been a great journey so far. I’m loving everything that I do. It’s really been a stress reliever for me as [inaudible] in love with and it makes me happy. My story: I was … in 2016. I was in college freshman year. I later left the school I was at and then I transferred to Florida and university where I try to basically start over with my life. I had a lot of bumps in the road; grades going up and down, trying to be social, and trying to really get myself back on track. Although I did not finish, I didn’t give up because that did take a toll on me. And I guess maybe because I did not sit down when it first happened to kind of talk about what happened and how it affected me.

I had a little issue, but I did have help along the way. Thanks to Kimi and her group. They really were opened my eyes to help me understand what exactly happened and the kind of push forward. I came back home about 2012. I was still trying to figure out what I really wanted to do, what’s in for me. I never really wanted to get well on anything. I knew I was going to be successful one way another. I just didn’t really know in what. I started to pursue yoga. That was a really, really, really great stress reliever. I’m actually in a group now. I’ve also kind of help people get on their yoga journey while I was on mine [inaudible]. I’m not a professional. But in my career we kind of help people feel good about themselves. You can feel good about yourself if you actually help others.

I don’t help myself. Though in my field is well placed in skin care. I know a lot of people deal with acne, scarring this acne which kind of makes the outer side of not feel so great. I am a avid YouTube watcher. So getting into makeup on YouTube and trying to do some of the things that some of the YouTube that I watched do. I went back and made it but then I want to learn more about the thing to find out what I could do to make the candidates which is a face a lot better for the actual art which is makeup. I remember sitting on the beach with my friend and I was just telling her, “I think I wanna go to school to be a esthetician.” And she was 100 percent behind me. I had already been my research on what school that I wanted to go to, how much everything was gonna be, how long it was gonna be. And she was just like go for it. So I went for it.

The program that I was in actually wasn’t even open when I researched it. I inquired through the school and they had told me the program had shut down, but they were thinking about bring it back. They just needed more students to be interesting. About a week later, I got a phone call saying we should go ahead and fill out applications, put your money in because we’re only accepting about 20 students. And I worked on it. And from that day, I did push forward. I [inaudible] [05:09]everything. The class learning was a great experience. It helped me to feel a lot better about my skill and finding something that could help me channel my anger in a positive way into helping others. It’s really been a big help for me and a big stress reliever. I have my own clients on the side.

I started my own business. I’m [inaudible] about that my life I work part time job where I work for a corporation. I’m doing the same thing. But every time I go in, I’m happy. I’m excited about what I’m doing. I can go to my client and help them. I’ve heard so many stories while people are laying on my bed or consultationtable; whatever they wanna call it of what people are going through. And having those conversations with them that they’re opening up to a stranger and making them feel comfortable and helping them just letting it out. It makes me feel good. I just recently have someone come to me and just tell me they almost died one day.

And just her letting everything out she you know after she got off the table she was just like, “Oh my gosh! I feel so much better. My skin feels great. I can’t wait to come back to you.” Like every person that I’ve come in contact with since I’ve gotten in this field has had a positive feedback. I’ve had many deep conversations with people that made me feel like this is where I’m supposed to be. This is how I’m supposed to help others. I guess kind of paying it forward because others it’s helped me and my situation and I’m helping others. And there’s just one step at a time.

Kimi:   yes

Robin: In my [inaudible]. I make skincare products and I make body … and the feedback on those have been amazing as well. Everybody that have purchased something from me absolutely loves it and they’re really making me feel so good … feel good and they love the product. My goal is to help others clear their skin. And feel good about themselves with everything that I make in a natural way because I want everything to be natural; naturally based. So I know that I’m not harming them in any way and they feel a lot better about themselves. Because they say when you look good, you feel good. So when we look good, we feel even better about going about our day and going about our week.

Even if we have like a ton of things on our shoulders, even though we don’t look how we feel with those issues that are going on and I really wanna do that because that have really helped me and what I went through. Because even with yoga, it helped me to kind of channel everything in a peaceful way. Not to kind of lash out, but just kind of leaving everything on the net is what I’ll say.

Kimi:   yes

Robin: When issues you know…

Kimi:   What’s that?

Robin: It’s been a great journey I would say. Everything that I’ve gone through in the past has made me who I am today although it wasn’t such a great story. I think it has helped me better myself. I’ve always been a happy person, I’ve always been a people person and I’m honestly … when I was in school. I’ve had many different groups for and I still do. So although what happened to me I didn’t let it stop me.

Kimi:   right

Robin: I was becoming to not let it stop me from doing where I know I could be doing. I’m not perfect. I know we had our hiccups and you think about what if I should have done this or I could have done that. But I think everything has happened for a reason and in its time.

Kimi:   Yes and I like to say you have really taken such huge strides to overcome a lot of the things that you went through. And just to make sure the audience understand, Robin was a victim of rape when she was a freshman in college. She went to college her freshman year in a different state outside of Florida. After her assault, [inaudible] [09:41]family and friends came in to help and in exchange, you ended up coming back to Florida and eventually went to Florida A and M. We crossed paths when I was working on the campus Florida A and M. University when we did a fellowship group for sexual assault survivors. And in my time of knowing Robin, you went publicly for the first time about your story to kind of people outside of just like really close friends, family and maybe people from our survivor group, correct?

Robin: yes

Kimi:   That was huge! I don’t know if… that was a huge thing for you to publicly… She did it on a social media. She publicly told her story and I would love for you to expand a little bit on that. What was that like for you and your journey? Because there’s a lot of people it seems that it liberates you. And I would love to hear what makes you want to finally go for it and tell about the story publicly.


Robin: I wanted to tell because every year, the day comes tomorrow I’ll never forget it. But it’s the subject that people kind of sweep off under the rug and I feel like it needs to be voiced. And I believe in that post I kind of thanked a lot of the people that were for me at that time when it happened; like individual. It was super long post too. I just wanted to let everybody know that I was okay. This is what happened to me. I really want to thank and appreciate everybody who was there for me at that time because I was clueless. I didn’t know what to do, who to call, where to go. And those people just came in and rescued me pretty much after that post. Like so many people inboxed me on how proud they were of me, how I helped them.

I had one person come up to me and tell me because I wrote my post, they were able to tell their family members what happened to them about 15 years prior with them. And I encouraged them to do that. And I think it’s a good idea to let those who know that if it happened to you, you’re not alone. We got to go through those I don’t wanna tell anyone, I’m scared, no one’s gonna believe me. But if we want to come and stop this from happening, we have to talk about it. We can’t just act like it doesn’t happen. And for me writing that post, it was a way of healing myself to get it out and forgiving the actual person who I later also wrote to hold them not knowing where they were if they could actually see it. But just letting them know that I forgive you.

I can’t move on with my life until I do because I’m gonna harbor all of these feelings toward that situation and it’s not gonna do me any good. No, I’m not gonna forget what happened, but I have to do it for me. Well even if they never see it. If okay, we’re because I know [crosstalk] [12:52]that I’m okay and I forgave. And I really just want people to know that you’re not alone. So you really aren’t by yourself. Like I remember sitting in a group, a small group for church and that one thing I want to say our Bible study like turned into a safe place because I met about four other girls that night that went through the same thing that I had gone through. And we all just sat and told our story of what happened, and how it affected us, and where we were at that point.

It just feels so good because of talking about it is a form of healing. Because the more you get it out, the more you can heal, and you can heal others. And you can help others kind of direct where they should go even if it is just in a like or comment or it can probably get the ball rolling for them to say, “Okay, well it happened to me some years ago where I feel this way. Something isn’t right. Maybe this is why I am doing what I’m doing at this current point and I should talk to somebody about it.

Kimi:   Yes and I think what’s awesome about your story is there are so many different… and just for me watching on the outside a little bit that I can see as external person. There are so many different modalities you use to guide yourself in your healing. And also, I wanna point out that healing isn’t just one day you wake up and you’re over it and you know whatever happened just didn’t happen. This is it. We have to constantly work on our self-care. You did counseling, you went to groups. A big one I wanted to talk to you say you got into yoga.

When I think about rape or sexual assaults; attempted rape, it’s really somebody attacking a person’s physical being. But it has a lot of mental anguish that it causes people going forward. But you did a lot of mind body things in your healing too. Like yoga has a very big mind body connection. Even what you do right now. You’re really helping individuals on their external and their external being; their body too. Like providing them that nurturing and care as well to their external body. I don’t know if you noticed that, but that’s something that I’ve noticed too. What made you get started with yoga and how bad as far is feeling back in control of your body?

Robin: I got into yoga on Instagram. I followed a young lady by what she goes by the name of Lady [inaudible] [15:21]. Her name is [inaudible]. And I remember seeing her doing … And I was like whoa! What is she doing? And so I just like went through her page. I was like I wanna try that. Like I wanna see if I can do that. So I thought I’ll follow her and several other people that were in the yoga and doing other challenges. It was like every day you had a different rolethat you had to do and post it. So after a while, I thought to kind of like try to practice on my own. I bought books. I started doing yoga on the river.

Something that we have here for me do everything every Saturday morning. But it was really a mistake. For me trying to learn something that I’m never done before, something [inaudible] [16:12]at that because you have to kind of learn how to breathe and concentrate on what you’re doing in that moment and that what’s going on the outside around you. Doing those every day, I got better and better. And when I … I would be super-estatic because I’m like I work so hard to do this and to see my body do this is like, “Oh my gosh! I can do that?” It just made me feel really good. Like I said earlier before like reading everything on the mat. And times where I was stressed or I would get up fit.

I would give all out that met him how I get down and I’ll meditate for a few minutes, and then I would practice. And then after a few moments maybe [inaudible]. I would feel a lot better getting up. And it just amazed me of what I could do with my body and how you said taking control. Not to have complete control of yourself. Like I said early, you have to let everything go from the outside and you have to concentrate really hard enough to focus and not let anything distract you from what you’re doing at that time. It’s a great feeling.

Kimi:   How did that play over into… Did you take from that into life? Like how you said kind of tuning things out and kind of really being mindful and aware. How did that kind of planout outside off of the mat for you?

Robin: I wanna say it helped with my attitude a lot because I wanna say after [inaudible] I was really angry and I were really knowing it that I was really angry. After I had people come up to me and say, “Why are you still aggressive? Why are you still so mad?” And I’m like, “I’m not mad. It’s just me. I’m being me.” And now realizing how it affected me. And they when I started doing yoga, I kind of started to notice that the things that would upset me before didn’t really upset me as quickly as they did prior because I would have to sit and think about what it was, and was it worth being upset about. And if it wasn’t, just letting it go.

Kimi:   right

Robin: And I feel you should [inaudible] [18:43]things go sometimes. You can’t dwell on certain situations. You can’t let people get up under your skin that much. And that really, really helped me because I was on the verge of moving a lot of people in my life because I was so angry and I didn’t even realize I was still angry. And I had to take a step back and then getting on the mat releasing all of that sometimes. It helped me understand that I just have to let it go.

Kimi:   Yes, what’s your daily mantra? What’s your daily call? What keeps you going, what keeps you pushing forward? And you’ve pushed forward for so, so, so much. So how do you… Now you’re going to give a hugespeechwhat or even [laughing] [19:27]Yes, yes you went through a lot.

Robin: I will honestly just say don’t give up, keep pushing. I have to tell myself to keep going multiple times throughout the week or throughout the day even with my business I feel sometimes is failing. But I have to keep pushing. I have to keep going. I can’t give up because I know there’s greater. My friend and I say all the time, “Greater is coming.”

Kimi:   yes

Robin: Just hold on because greater is coming.

Kimi:   Yes, yes, yes. Now how can people follow you, see more about your journey, support your business, where you are at on social media?

Robin: I am everywhere in social media pretty much. I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. My business page is [inaudible] [20:14]beauty with is N I E C E Y B B E A U T Y. That’s my middle name; Denise. I also am on Instagram_ [inaudible] that’s my personal page. So you can see a lot of my journey with yoga. And my business kind of crosses over my day to day life. And my Facebook as well which is all under the same names.

Kimi:   Okay, thank you Robin so, so much for your time. I really appreciate having you as a guest here on the ‘Early Accountability Podcast’.

Robin: thank you!

Kimi:   thank you

It was a pleasure to have you join us on this episode of the ‘Early Accountability Podcast’ with Kimi Walker. Be sure to visit earlyaccountability.com to sign up for the Early Accountability newsletter. We look forward to activating your greatness and helping you reach your goals.

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